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Services and our motive

To pursue and establish sustainable rural development strategy

Ours is not just the continous cycle of sowing and harvesting. The change we envisioned is in proportional alignment to the poverty experienced by rural population.

 About 55.7% of our nations population (18 Million) are located here. Our quest is to develop rural development strategy that will help to unlock the potential of children, youth and women on farms and rural communities. This we do through business and other development activities. 

All our efforts are geared up to help establish a sustainable way of life within the rural economies of the country. 

No One Left Behind – Simply put, each stakeholder within the workforce we have is seen as a key individual. Each gets an opportunity to experience growth.  

The children of the farmworkers are also included in the economy, they too take part as they prepare to take on leading roles in the future. We take care of them so that they can take over.

With all of the above in place, we then sow and harverst the best crops this rich and fertile land has to offer. We use best methodology to ensure that the produce is organic. 








We are a couple of years from harvest. Olives take a minimum of 12 years to ripe and ours trees are a decade old. to be pressed, jarred or processed to the benefit of lovers of nature. Keep I touch with us and look out for notifications of the first fruits. 


Our process is simply unique. Our vine yields peculiar bunches and as each year the demand grows, we expand to meet it. Currently we supply to limited clients and not sell to the public. Talk to us if you wish to be a recipient of these beautiful and succulent globes.

Organic Produce

Farm fresh and organically produced food is what we do well. This means that there is no use of pesticides or hints of GE or GMO in our food. This is the healthiest option of producing food. The process is therefore natural, seasonal and nature-paced or slower than the unhealthy option. This is how nature intended it to be. 

"Good health is not something we can buy.
However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account."