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Sustainable and successful farming is not only for certain people who are male and older. Women and young people have an important role to play in an effort to bring an end to poverty, hopelessness and unemployment on rural farms in South Africa. The reality is that almost no skills training programmes or housing offered on farms are designed to help rural farm women and youth reach their full potential and actively contribute to the economic activities of South Africa. If the marginalized farm women remain poor, needy, vulnerable, desperate, victims of abuse and see very little change in their daily lives, each year that passes, their children have a much lesser chance of enjoying a safe, secure and positively stimulated housing environment. As a result, the next generations as it has been the case for far too long, will continue lives of destitute, acute poverty and extreme vulnerability. 

Rural farm women are susceptible to substance abuse, many have been born with foetal alcohol spectrum decease (FASD), suffer malnutrition and regular abuse at the hand their male partners. They very vulnerable due to insecure housing and living conditions and available employment on rural farms. 

It therefore makes sense to focus our work and resources on creating safe spaces to nurture, train and empower women and youth entrepreneurs who are actively creating an alternative rural economy for the benefit of rural farm families.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create an alternative, vibrant, holistic and sustainable economy on rural farms in South Africa. 

Our mission is to train, nurture and inspire women and youth on rural farms to establish and operate successful, sustainable and job creating small businesses that bring an end to generational cycles of poverty as it affects the most vulnerable groups on farms

We focus on the following areas

We partner with a registered non-profit and an approved public benefit organisation called INSPIRE CHILDREN AND YOUTH TRUST to help unlock and grow the human capacity of women and youth on farms so that they become the most productive employees and coveted employers.

We encourage entrepreneurship amongst rural farm women and youth to help keep the prices affordable for the large majority of poor and needy people who live on farms and in rural communities.

Our activities take place on rural farms and are focused on rural farm women and youth.

It is important that the voice of rural women and youth are strengthened and encouraged to promote their own produce as an employee and as an employer. Rural women and youth are taught holistic skills and received regular exposure to promote their own needs and ideas on how to address those generational needs on rural farms. 

Rural farm women and youth are empowered to develop quality and appropriate products to sell in existing and newly developed markets. 

Corporate Governance 

The company is duly registered as a proprietary limited ((Pty) Ltd) company and is fully compliant with the rules, regulations and requirements of the South African Revenue Services (SARS). 

The Middelpos Communal Property Association (in short Middelpos CPA), a registered legal entity that represents 24 farm families as beneficiaries of the said association, is the only shareholder of the company. 

The company has three black female directors who are responsible for the governance and due diligence of the company. 

Existing partnerships

The company operates as a small agricultural business on Middelpos farm, which farm is approximately sixty hectares (60ha), owned by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and leased for a period of 30 years by the Middelpos CPA. This lease agreements commenced in September 2015.

The company presently partners with the Distell Development Trust to incubate, nurture and develop an alternative, holistic, integrated and sustainable rural economy within the land reform sector of South Africa

How You Can Help

Please help by buying the products grown and produced by rural farm women and youth in Vikispan (Pty) Ltd, the registered company that is owned by the Middelpos CPA and operates as the business activities on Middelpos farm.

You can also help by introducing the company to new markets, offer training, a range of small business expertise, make available grants to help strengthen the cashflow of this start-up company and share the work of the company within the land reform sector of South Africa amongst your private, public and individual networks. 

Take a look at the listed items below. . .

These form part of our Wishlist and we would greatly appreciate assistance with getting hold of these items:

1. Adequate housing with ablution facilities for the farm families
2. Tractor
3. R2.5 million to establish 10ha of Shiraz grapes
4. Transport for the women who live on others farms to access employment
5. Basic farming equipment

6. Irrigation
7. Water tanks
8. Seedlings
9. Basic farm tools
10. Seed planter
11. Weed eaters
12. Freezer to keep the veggies fresh
13. Septic tank
14. Shade cloth
15. Tip Wagon
16. Recycle bins
17. Crates