Nehil Fit

Nothing comes from nothing

Develop holistic, vibrant, sustainable land reform projects on rural farms in South Africa by nurturing women and youth entrepreneurs who create permanent jobs on rural farms

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Rural farm women and youth are the most vulnerable groups in the agricultural sector

mainly because the majority of them are unemployed and if employed is offered, it is often seasonal. It is furthermore very difficult for women and youth to access housing on rural farms in South Africa. The direct consequences hereof are that women and youth remain extremely vulnerable, mostly victims of various forms of abuse, insecure and poor. This often leads to putting children on farms in an extremely vulnerable position which means that the next generations remain poor and destitute. 

Our belief is that . . .

the key to bring about holistic, vibrant, sustainable and enduring transformation in South Africa lies in the creation of safe spaces, daily training and support, regular exposure and constant inspiration to rural farm women and youth to help them grow into entrepreneurs able and interested to establish and maintain an alternative rural economy on rural farms in South Africa.  

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit” is a Latin expression that means “nothing comes from nothing”. This means that no good initiative ever succeeds without hard work. 

To break generational cycles of poverty on rural farms as experienced by women and youth we must:

 mentor, support and inspire previously disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable black women and youth on rural farms.


black women and youth entrepreneurs


150 permanent jobs for rural farm women and youth on Middelpos farm; and 


sustainable and holistic alternative rural economies to bring an end to unemployment and seasonal employment of women and youth on farms.


Hunger is defined as the consumption of a diet inadequate to sustain good health and normal activity, growth and development. It is related to malnutrition which is the physical effects of restricted diet on the body.” There is enough food in the global system to feed everyone and yet billions of people go hungry every day. Organic agriculture has the potential to secure a global food supply with reduced environmental impacts. Our approach is to provide daily support, training, mentorship and inspiration that build the capacity of rural farm women and youth to grow of organic vegetables and create permanent jobs which restores human dignity and create security for their children.  


14.5ha of olives planted on Middelpos farm in 2016, thanks to a once-off donation received by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. Olives take a number of years (about 6 years) before it starts to bear fruit and generate an income. Women and Youth farmers maintain the olives to help it to become productive and become a source of helping them to create more permanent jobs for the most vulnerable, needy and poor rural farm families in South Africa.  


Shiraz grapes grown on Middelpos farm are some of the best in South Africa. The small existing 1.5ha of grapes are grown and maintained by women and youth on Middelpos farm. As they say, dynamite comes in small quantities. The farm has potential to expand the number of hectares but is limited in terms of available funding.


In an effort to help rural farm women and youth on Middelpos farm generate income, a sheep farmer transported and donated 5 sheep at the end of 2018. The marino sheep is growing in number and soon the women and youth can create more jobs from the income generated.